Porsche Taycan Voice Commands List
Porsche Taycan Voice Commands List

Porsche Taycan Voice Commands List

April 19, 2022

Here is the list of voice commands for Porsche Taycan

  1. Set air conditioner to 72 degrees F
  2. Turn on shiatsu massage
  3. Drive me to San Francisco, Main Street
  4. I’m cold
  5. I want to go to a charging station
  6. Avoid the highway
  7. I would like to park here
  8. What is my battery level?
  9. What is the weather like in San Francisco?
  10. What can I do in the Media area?
  11. How does voice recognition work?
  12. I would like to see the map
  13. Show my contacts
  14. Use a destination from the map; press map location, say, “Hey Porsche, drive me there.”
  15. Correction
  16. Pause
  17. Cancel
  18. Help
  19. Set seat heating to level 2
  20. The windscreen is misted up
  21. I would like a massage
  22. Change the ambient lighting to blue
  23. Drive me to the Porsche Museum
  24. When should I charge?
  25. Find a restaurant along the route/at the destination.
  26. How much longer will it take?
  27. Drive me to work
  28. Where have I driven recently?
  29. Play the song “Get a Life” from Porsche Sounds
  30. A different song
  31. What am I listening to now?
  32. I would like to search for music
  33. Play Nelly Futado in Apple Music
  34. Play KMVQ-FM
  35. Skip one track
  36. I would like to choose a different source
  37. Please call John Doe
  38. Dial 415 911
  39. Try Andy Forbes again
  40. Show my call list
  41. I would like to connect a new phone
  42. I need help
  43. What can I do in the Navigation area?
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